Webinar featuring the new StoreGrid v 4.3

The StoreGrid 4.3 webinar held this Tuesday, drew more than 250 registrations. We’re delighted to see webinar participants numbers continue to grow.

The new StoreGrid v4.3 release delivers 3x faster disk based backup and recovery to help our channel partners protect their customer data and applications running in virtual and physical servers.  To request a demo or free trial software, please visit this page.
Watch the webinar video to learn more about:

  • 3x faster disk image backups
  • Synthetic disk image AutoMerge
  • Support for AES Encryption
  • Upcoming update – IPhone App
  • Upcoming update – ConnectWise Billing

Read on for responses to some of the top questions we received during the webinar:

Q: Will you be fixing the need for 2x the space for imaging backups? ie. when storing locally, needing final destination and temporarily locations separate

A: Going forward, backups can be streamed directly to the server without local dumping. Backups will be faster without the dumping time and you don’t require to have extra space in your local machine for dumping.

Q: Will VM’s for VMware be available soon just like there is for Hyper-V???

A: Yes.. we are working on making *.vmdk to be available as well on top of *.VHD. It will be available in about 2 months from now.

Q: Is the synthetic Automerge feature also available for the Exchange Backups?

A: Yes,  you can trigger the automerge on image backups of your exchange server. Infact, we are working on the file level restore of applications like exchange for our next release.

Q: So if we have just C: drive we can still do image backup

A: Yes.. absolutely. Even if you have just the C:\ drive,  you can still do the image backup which will be bootable into ready-to-use VM while restoring.

Q: What will happen to the existing disk image backups?

A: They are still compatible with the new version. But in order to use the streaming option, you need to reconfigure the backups with the new version.

Q: Any plans to integrate with ConnectWise?

A: StoreGrid already is integrated with ConnectWise for Ticketing and the Billing integration will be available in our follow up upgrade. For more details on the integration, check out the blog – http://blog.vembu.com/vembu-connectwise-user-conference/

We hope you found this webinar useful and and we’d love to hear what you think!

And, we’re going to be hosting more webinars over the next several weeks. If you’re interested, here is the link to the sign-up for the next one. For a complete schedule of our upcoming webinars, you can check them out here.  Also, please feel free to post about the topics in general, we’d love to get your feedback so that we can tailor them to topics of interest that are relevant.

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