Vembu StoreGrid and cPanel backups

Some of our partners suggested that we put more emphasis on our cPanel offerings since its a very useful tool for hosting providers. A market leader by a far distance, cPanel is used by most Red Hat based hosting businesses to let their customers access their websites. cPanel does a wonderful job at making otherwise complex tasks much easier. They provide some very useful and easy to use web based interfaces for many of the common server systems administration tasks that are required to operate a web hosting server. For all those people that simply aren’t interested in developing systems administration skills but need to host web facing applications they really are quite useful.

And that’s what motivated Vembu technologies to provide cPanel backup as an integrated offering with our StoreGrid 4.4. We also understood that as owners of a website, one of the most important thing you should do is to regularly backup the website. Hence it is definitely important for managed web hosting environments to be complemented by a good online website backup system, which can provide reliability, integrity and relevance of constantly changing website data for hosting providers to be back in business and continue to offer managed hosting services to their end users.

Some of the key features you should look for in a comprehensive website backup system:

  • Frequency of data backup
  • Prioritization to critical data (Database, web contents etc.)
  • Storage location of backup should be a different server
  • Backup should be retrievable anytime, anywhere
  • Notification for backup schedules
  • Compression options for backup

StoreGrid 4.4 allows MySql files use a native dump and upload whereas critical account settings use TAR. Other files in the home directory uses normal file backups without compression. Hence prioritizing is the main focus of our backup solution.

And for the most important question – Is Backing up cPanel a Time and Money saver ? This question carries much more weightage especially during the economic downturn, when every business sees its resources being impossibly stretched as it attempts to remain successful and set a pattern for future growth. As a result, businesses around the world are looking for new streams of revenue.

One additional source of large scale income that organizations look forward to take advantage of is through the Internet. Hence it becomes extremely important for organizations to safeguard their presence on the world wide web. A little oversight could make or break an organization and could be a major PR disaster and can result in monetary losses. Though we cannot safeguard our sites from attacks, we can however keep our online property backed up so that we can be back online with minimal downtime in the case of an attack. What other methods do you follow to keep your online storefront safe?

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