Update on SyncBlaze – AD Integration, FS Events, Comments and more

Last week was one of the most exciting yet! We’re happy to announce we’ve released a major update that adds integration with Active Directory, faster Mac client, an improved way of collaboration with comments and lots more.

Here’s a quick overview of What’s New in SyncBlaze:

With Active Directory based LDAP integration, it’s easy to integrate SyncBlaze with your existing directory service like Active Directory.

SyncBlaze completely integrates with the directory service to manage all user and password information instead of having to recreate all these information within SyncBlaze.

> Load user and group data
SyncBlaze provides an option to integrate with directory service and extract user and group records into the account. When the service is configured, it will load all the user data along with the respective groups into SyncBlaze.

Furthermore, when a new user is created or when a user leaves the organization, SyncBlaze will be kept in sync with these changes.

> Authenticate against your directory service
When a user tries to login to SyncBlaze, it checks whether the user requires external authentication. In that case, SyncBlaze connects to the LDAP server and authenticate the user from the password information stored in your directory service.

Updated SyncBlaze for Mac

We have been working really hard to improve the overall experience of SyncBlaze on a Mac platform and here we are with a major upgrade that will breeze up the entire solution. The Mac native application will be available in the LaunchPad and under Applications, so starting the application is as simple as that!

With the File System Events (FS Events) integrated with SyncBlaze Mac, the notification changes are captured faster and that ensures faster synchronization process. Now all your file rename and delete notification will be captured by SyncBlaze.

Note: For existing clients, direct upgrade is not supported in this build. Please run the script <sbUpgrade.sh> before the installer.

Commenting capabilities on files/folders

Now with SyncBlaze, collaborating with your team is even more exciting and fun. Collaborate with your co-workers and assign the right permissions to them.
What’s more? You can post and reply to comments on folders with other collaborators and make it an effective discussion around the folders.

Start exchanging feedback in one place, be it a quick comment or drag it as an in-depth discussion.

  • Post and reply to comments on folders
  • Conduct discussions threads around any folder
  • Working on a project: throw your suggestions, initiate a debate, post a tip and lots more

Settings for client devices

SyncBlaze adds the feature that will display all your client devices that are linked to your SyncBlaze account. Not just that, you get better visibility with regards to your devices.

  • Rename your client devices
  • Deactivate any device when required
  • Get to know when the last activity was performed
  • Check whether all your devices are updated with versions

Limit number of users

With more request around the feature, now we have added the ability for the reseller admin to restrict the number of users your customers can add. The feature will offer better control over their customers and their users.

Redesigned deleted page

Earlier, SyncBlaze had a separate tab on the left panel to list all the deleted files and folders. Now, we have added a smart delete button that can be used to list and de-list the deleted files and folders.

Show Deleted Files

Hide Deleted Files

And more…

Group Delete: Earlier in the group management, we were able to only edit the group, now you can remove unwanted groups too.
Email Settings for Customers:
Each of your customer can configure their own email settings instead of having a single email configured.

Performance Improvement & Bug Fixes

The update includes a major performance improvement that makes the synchronization process much faster. We will be constantly improving the overall performance of SyncBlaze and have more updates soon.

Notable Bug Fixes

Check out the list of some notable bug fixes in this update.

  • Server crash issue while collaborating folder with special char(‘)
  • Server exe crash during file indexing
  • Initial full download break issue when the server is stopped during the file list preparation.
  • Sender Email-id configuration issue
  • Empty file message from search results
  • Disk space validation while creating user
  • Browser File upload failed in IE browser (Windows Server OSes)

If you haven’t already updated, go ahead and download the latest SyncBlaze.

We’re always looking for feedback. Let us know what you’d like to see next in the comments below.

The SyncBlaze Team

By Sajesh Krishnadas, Business Analyst – Product Management for SyncBlaze, Vembu Technologies. SyncBlaze is a comprehensive file sharing and collaboration solution designed for business users and exclusively offered through Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Value Added Resellers (VARs).

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