SyncBlaze Webinar – What's New & What's Next

This post comes to complete my webinar held on February 5 2013, “SyncBlaze: What’ New & What’s Next”. We were completed excited to see more number of attendees showing interest to join us for the webinar.

The Recorded Webinar

The on-demand version of the webinar is currently available for free view below and the webinar presentation is available here.


To follow-up the questions which were asked during the webinar, I’ve listed the top questions below as Q&A’s and the remaining questions are categorized in our forum post.

Q: Does it support more than one active directory?  Can each client have their own Active Directory?

A: The AD configuration is available at the customer level so each of your customer can integrate with thier directory service.

Q: Do AD changes- passwords, etc, replicate to SyncBlaze so a password change in AD will automatically change the same in SB?  same with adds and deletes

A: After configuring Active Directory, SyncBlaze will connect to the AD in order to authenticate the user. So when there is a password change in AD, the same will automatically be carried to SyncBlaze. When the Tight Integration option is enabled, any user being added or deleted will also be replicated to SyncBlaze.

Q: question about file sharing.  Can you share a file link to a user that is NOT on the syncblaze acct / system?

A: SyncBlaze basically generates a unique public link for a file which can shared with even non-SyncBlaze users.

Q: Does the self-hosted option allow us to give out limited accounts as free trials?

A: Any new user in SyncBlaze will be considered as a trial account for a period of 30 days.

Q: Can you explain clustering in Ver2.5?

A: With Clustering, you can set up a SyncBlaze server to run in a Cluster environment where multiple SyncBlaze server can be deployed to run as a single entity. These servers store and access SyncBlaze metadata in a centralized database. File Synchronization requests from the clients will be directed to one of the SyncBlaze server as per the load balancing algorithm configured in the cluster. We are expecting to have the feature in v2.5.

Q: Any plans for Encryption?

A: We already have encryption in place. Your data will be encrypted using 448 bit Blowfish encryption even before being uploaded to the server, that is, data will be encrypted at the client end itself.

Q: For self hosting do you have the ability to have a primary server as well as a secondary backup server that will take over if the primary server goes down?

A: Currently we support uploading to only a single server. However, we are already working on replication feature, where the primary server data will be replicated to another server (secondary server) and used for recovery during any server disaster. We are expecting the feature to be available in the end of Q1.

Q: Can multiple shared folders be created e.g. 1 for each business unit?  Our current product allows various ‘vaults; or drives, allowing different ‘shares’ to be defined

A: Yes, it is possible to create any number of folders in SyncBlaze and collaborate them with other users as per your requirement. There are no restrictions on the number of shared folders being created.

More questions are categorized and answered in our forum post, you can join us in the discussion here.

Your Feedback

We hope the webinar was interesting and useful, we’d love to hear more from you. Do drop us a comment below with any of your preferred feature request. Also, let us know if you have any specific webinar topics you would like to see from us soon.

By Sajesh Krishnadas, Business Analyst – Product Management for SyncBlaze, Vembu Technologies. SyncBlaze is a comprehensive file sharing and collaboration solution designed for business users and exclusively offered through Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Value Added Resellers (VARs).

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