SyncBlaze Update: APIs, Unicode Character Support and more

Here comes SyncBlaze Service Provider Edition with a release update that includes some enhancements on the tray, APIs and unicode character support.

Getting started with the SyncBlaze APIs

We are in the process of building our repository of APIs that will add value to our partners and help them integrate SyncBlaze into their system. We kick started with the APIs to support account provisioning and extracting data usage information.

These APIs enables you to programmatically enable access to SyncBlaze, specifically, the API provides functions for the following modules:

Login – The login API performs authentication of users and then returns the validation to allows users to login into their account

Registration – The registration API is used to add resellers under administrator account, customers under the reseller account and users under the customer account

Data Usage – The Data Usage API is used to fetch the details of the total space allotted and used by a customer/user account. The details of the used space of individual users can be saved as a CSV file in a preferred location.

You can access the complete guide to learn more about the APIs in SyncBlaze here.

API Templates – The API templates will be available in the installation location after upgrading to the latest version or it can be download from here.

Template Location: ROOT/APITemplates

Unicode Character  Support

Earlier we were supporting western european languages (Latin-1 character set) but now as the geography of our partners are getting wider and wider, we have included the support for UTF-8 character set which covers most of the languages. Now you can make sure that you can upload files in any name and in any language, the remaining will be take care by us.

Tray Enhancements

We are working on some enhancements to our client application and as the first step the latest update will notify the users with more information such as displaying the usage space information and the current sync status with the progress of file download and upload.

Bug Fixes

The deleted files/folders will be hidden in the mobile site for better user experience

Account creation/deletion issue in certain cases (For fresh installation and after upgrade)

SSL Certificate Installation issue during server upgrade

Download only the file (size more than 5MB) as a zip and not the entire file path

What’s Next

Please follow the below steps to upgrade to the latest version of SyncBlaze.

Step 1: Check whether you have installed the previous version 1.9.2, else upgrade to 1.9.2

Server 1.9.2 – Windows | Linux

Step 2: Upgrade to the latest version by installing the latest server build 1.9.3 from here

Step 3: Upgrade all the client agent to 1.9.3, available for download here.

Note – The client agents of 1.9.2 will not connect to the latest server version 1.9.3

SyncBlaze Release Update

We’ll be glad to know more about your feedback and suggestions, let us know in the comments section below.

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