SyncBlaze in 2013 – A look ahead

Looking back in the rear view mirror while on the road ahead, I can definitely  say that 2012 was a terrific year for SyncBlaze, a fact amply borne out by many intangible as well as measurable aspects, some of which were laid out in detail by Sajesh in his recap post. We are extremely pleased to have acquired close to a hundred partners that have deployed this solution for their many customers and innumerable users. In addition, the accruing buzz in the midst of thousands of inquisitive service providers and resellers who have contacted us during this past year to learn more about our channel focussed business file sharing and collaboration solution does lead me to believe that we can assuredly look forward to a breakout year in 2013.

The visible gain in importance of a business adapted file sharing and collaboration solution is due to the loss of stranglehold of emails, inter-office memos, inhouse file servers and other outmoded, insecure and contextually confusing means of information transfer. Also consider that this was not a discovery on part of IT Analysts. Au contraire, it was the clarion call of the capricious consumer that emphatically encouraged and emphasised a trend in file transfer relying on syncing of their information to all their devices, effectively forcing businesses lumbering around in a maze of policies and controls, to scramble and catch up with solutions that free rather than bind people to monolithic information access.

The overwhelming Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) trend thus forced the hand of  IT strategists that have no option but to respond to both virality of mobile apps in the workplace and user expectations in getting whatever they want, whenever they want and whereever they would like to want it. Anytime, anywhere access to information is the new mantra everywhere and it has improved efficiency across teams and accelerated productivity in driving stakeholder schedules. In 2013, i believe we’ll see this paradigm grow gargantually, positively impacting business bottom lines in multiple ways – enhancement of productivity, provision of flexible work environment, decreased training costs, device replacement costs etc. Consumerization of IT is here to stay even if one factors the cost of compliance, mobile security and voice/data plan costs.

So, what about the goals, plans, challenges and strategy for SyncBlaze in 2013? While we’re a long way from manifesting the true potential of business collaboration, the plans considerately laid out for the current year should hopefully result in a quantam leap in our product maturity, versatility and quality.

One of the major challenges is to scale to the expectations of an expanding customer base and the incredible volume and growth of content to be handled, tuning our focus squarely on addressing stability as well as performance related issues associated with these pain points. Also, to be competitive and stay that way, our solution will need to match the need for limitless capacity – sync throughput, file sizes, number of files, numbers of users, number of devices, numbers of customers etc.

We have an impressive array of features and integrations planned for this year which i am excited to share in brief with all existing and prospective partners. This is partly gathered from the frequent requests that we have received from our partners and partly from our strategy to devise the product to meet the needs for enterprise collaboration.

  • Mobile & Tablet apps enrichment
  • Integration to Billing systems
  • Replication & Clustering
  • Multi folder Sync & Selective Sync
  • Seed Migration
  • Terminal Server support
  • Mapped Drive Support
  • Comprehensive Auditing
  • Multi tier granular permission levels
  • API library
  • Automated Licensing, Branding and Software updates
  • Dashboard driven admin console

+ Much more……

We look forward to sharing more progress notes and product updates with you in the coming year. Please also share your wishlist on expected features, enhancements and user experience pointers with us. We thank all of our partners for providing us with an enormous repository of feedback during the past year and we sincerely hope to both receive the same flow of interest and encouragement from all quarters and reciprocate their investment of trust and time to build a solid viable and fruitful relationship.

By Sai V. Nagarajan, VP at Vembu Technologies, who is responsible for product management of the file sharing and collaboration solution, SyncBlaze.


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