SyncBlaze Branding Guidelines: Creating the Folder and Desktop Icon

One of the common question raised about branding is “How to: create a single ICO file for Folder Icon and Desktop Icon”. In the branding form, point 12 and 13 will request you to upload the Folder Icon and Desktop Icon for the SyncBlaze Windows Client Application.

The icon needs to be created in multiple sizes and embedded as a single icon file (.ico) so that they may be scaled appropriately. The ICO file format is an image file format for computer icons in Microsoft Windows.


Step #1

Create the icon images in all the specified sizes.

Step #2

Convert them as a single ico file using any of the below methods.

Method #1: Using IcoFX

IcoFX is a downloadable icon editor that lets you create ico files with multiple sizes. Learn more about it here.

Method #2: Using GIMP

GIMP allows you to create icon images in multiple sizes and save them as a single ico file, below are the steps:

  • Open the largest of the icon images in The GIMP. Right-click on the image and select File->Open as Layers… and select all the other icon images.

  • It will create a single image with a layer containing each of the other icon images.

  • Save the image as a Microsoft Windows Icon (.ico) image – File->Save As…, and then type in the filename, e.g. favicon.ico. (this will automatically select the .ico format)

Method #3: Using is an online application that lets you upload multiple icon images and convert them into a single ico file. Learn more about it here.

Step #3

Once the ico files are created, you can upload it in the branding form to complete the process.

Want more?

We will come up with more tips and tricks in our upcoming blogs. Let us know if you would like to read anything specific about SyncBlaze.

By Sajesh Krishnadas, Business Analyst – Product Management for SyncBlaze, Vembu Technologies. SyncBlaze is a comprehensive file sharing and collaboration solution designed for business users and exclusively offered through Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Value Added Resellers (VARs).

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