Stream your Exchange Backups with New StoreGrid v4.2.1

With a huge amount of request from our channel partners and StoreGrid users, StoreGrid presents Exchange Streaming Backups in its latest version 4.2.1 offering. StoreGrid will now  support streaming of Exchange backup data directly to the backup server without first dumping the backup data in Exchange server. StoreGrid uses the VSS API to take snapshots and directly upload the snapshots to the backup server without taking a dump or creating a local copy.

What StoreGrid does by streaming Exchange Backups?

It eliminates the need to allot extra drive space – StoreGrid removes the necessity to allocate free space in your drive for the dumping process, ideally suitable for a resource intensive environment.

It makes your backups 1.5 x times faster – With direct streaming of exchange data, StoreGrid will not consume any time for dumping the data and hence backups will be 1.5x  times faster.

It provides a comprehensive exchange backup – Let the database (.EDB files) be on D:/ and the logs be on E:/, StoreGrid gives you a complete snapshot of all the associated exchange files and restores them without any manual intervention.

It allows you to backup the way want – With StoreGrid, you could choose to run backups the way you want. In the latest v4.2.1, you could switch between running streaming backups or dump them locally, whichever way you prefer.

Currently Exchange Streaming is supported in Exchange Server 2010. We plan to support this in other versions of Exchange Server too very soon. Check out the latest StoreGrid version 4.2.1 to experience Streamed Exchange Backups.

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