Revisit your file version history with Vembu File Sharing

In today’s business world, we deal with hundreds of files everyday and it becomes really cumbersome to manage them. It becomes even worse when we have to periodically copy and rename files so we can restore to any previous versions if we make or find any mistakes. In such scenarios, we end up sieving through a confusing list of differently renamed files just to discover the latest version of a document. So what do we do?

File versioning in Vembu File Sharing is an amazing process that lets businesses and their users ‘go back in time’. Each time a file is changed, a new version is created and users can rollback to any previous versions of the files. It basically eliminates the need to create multiple files of a single document to retain changes and versions. With the automatic file versioning option, Vembu File Sharing helps businesses to create a collaborative workspace for their users to work effectively without worrying about manually saving every new version of the files.

Granular version history

With the version history option in Vembu File Sharing, users will get complete control over their files with granular information such as: the email id of the user who modified the file, the time at which the file was modified and the device & OS information.

Download & restore any version

Vembu File Sharing captures any changes made to a file, creates a new version and let the users manage any number of file versions. Users can download any previous version of a file for reviewing and auditing purposes and also revert back to any version to make it the most recent (current) version.

Capture file activities

With the new Activities tab, admins and file owners will have the ability to track and monitor any file activities in a collaborative environment. It also provides the option to filter activities based on time and users along with the option to download it as a CSV file for further auditing purposes.

Do you still maintain a list of files to preserve your file versions? Get smart and manage your files effectively with the automatic file versioning option in Vembu File Sharing.

By Sajesh Krishnadas, Product Management & Marketing at Vembu Technologies. Vembu File Sharing is a simple, secure and powerful file sharing and collaboration solution designed for businesses with simple and easy-to-use interface for users and the right level of control, visibility and security for the IT.

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