Get back into Business with StoreGrid’s BMR

The Scenario :

Unplanned Downtime and System Meltdown! Servers – a critical component of your business – breaks down. Permanently. Your files are lost. Your applications are history. Your data is gone. Your operating system … irreparably damaged.

What do you do when the critical volume or system drive of a server or workstation crashes? Traditional approaches to disaster recovery include manual reinstallation, recovery through operating system utilities, or even bare metal recovery from tape which could take ages with extended resources and extra utilities costs.

The Solution:

Recover the entire system with minimal downtime, without any additional recovery costs or manual reinstallation.

StoreGrid Bare Metal Recovery

StoreGrid’s Advanced Bare Metal Recovery plugin available within StoreGrid, is a high-performance bare metal recovery product which, dramatically simplifies both the backup and recovery process. StoreGrid’s Bare Metal Recovery eliminates the need for  system reboots at backup, and for manual re installation at recovery.

Bare Metal Recovery to a Physical Machine (Illustration)

When the need to perform a server recovery arises, simply boot up machine by using the StoreGrid Bare Metal Recovery CD and select the backup instance you wish to recover(as in illustration above).

Here’s a run down of the steps involved:

But before you proceed, ensure the following items are available before you proceed with the recovery:

* Recovery CD with the bootable ISO downloaded from our site

* Backup Full/incremental VHD available in an USB drive/network shared drive

* New machine with similar hardware

Step 1: Download the Recovery CD builder files from our website and create the recovery ISO using that. For more details on how to create the Recovery CD, click here

Step 2: Next Copy the backup image or VHD from the Server storage location to a USB/Network shared drive and attach to the new hardware.

Step 3: Using the Recovery CD, boot up the crashed machine with this CD.

Step 4 The recovery CD will open up a wizard. Select whether you wish to recover the entire hard disk or a partition from the image file

Step 5: Browse and select the incremental VHD you wish to recover

Step 6: From the selected VHD file, select the entire disk or partition to restore.

Step 7: Next select the target Disk or Partition from the Target Device List to which you want to restore the image. Make sure selected disk is as large as the original disk.

Step 8: After the restore is complete, restart the machine. The recovered machine will be up and running.

We hope to bring you more recovery processes and use case scenarios in a series  of blogs on the BMR capabilities of StoreGrid. We look forward to your comments and ideas on what other processes you would like us to go in detail.

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