Flexible client deployment options with SyncBlaze

SyncBlaze proves yet again that it strives to fulfill the requirements raised by our partners and customers by providing the flexibility and feasibility in deploying SyncBlaze. Recently, we have been receiving a lot of request from our customers requesting us to provide options to install SyncBlaze as a service or as an application during the client installation. Guess what, our latest SyncBlaze release version 1.9.5 is now loaded with lots of exciting features along with the flexibility in deploying the SyncBlaze client. While many consumer-grade and enterprise solutions still lack these Installation options, partners and customers of SyncBlaze can feel more privileged and wiser to have opted for a solution that caters to their business and customer needs.

What’s great with these options?

Choices are must everywhere and it has not spared even the technology aspect. SyncBlaze has successfully tapped these requirements  and has categorized them under different situations which allows the users to decide on the choice of installation they need.

Some people always deal with huge online file transfers up to 10GB or more in their workspace which forces them to be logged into their system all through the day that could be annoying and time consuming.  Here comes SyncBlaze with an option to install the client as a service that will run in the background even when users are not logged on to the Windows system and will start as soon as the system boots, unfolding ways to keep you moving forward other than waiting which costs the most in this world  “Your Time”.

For all those who prefer to run applications and plugins specific to their working hours and stipulated time periods, need not feel left down. SyncBlaze has an option of installing the client as an Application that will run only when the user has logged in to their Windows system and will stop working once they log off. It lets you install multiple SyncBlaze user accounts under a single machine or a shared PC as it supports profile based installation which is a prerequisite for most of the enterprises in today’s world. Installing as an application will allow data synchronization to happen more effectively and users will also  have the option to install SyncBlaze on a mapped drive which  serves as an alternative when storage space is low or not available on other drives in their machines. You can access the complete client installation guide for both the options here.

We usually prioritize features based on the request we receive from our partners and align them to their needs. Do let us know your feedback and suggestions about SyncBlaze.

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