File Sharing: 7 Must-Have Security Features for Business

Recently, I have been into some conversation with the IT community through various social networks and forums to understand the key requirements when it comes to a file sharing solution. They all shouted the word ‘SECURITY’ as their most important concern while evaluating a file sharing service. So here I am writing a post focusing on the security aspects to be considered while choosing a file sharing service for your organization.

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#1 Centralized Administration

First off in the list is the administrative capabilities required for the IT to get complete control and visibility over your environment and the ability to manage users, data, access control and storage quotas. So you can get your IT back

#2 Data Encryption

Organizations deal with sensitive corporate information which needs to be protected and secured, so you need to make sure the files are encrypted both at-rest and in-flight using industry-standard encryption techniques.

#3 Audit Reports

In order to gain more control over the system and beef up security, there should be a way for the IT to track, monitor and audit all the user account actions, user and file activities so you can quickly react to any security threats.

#4 Remote Data Wipe

IT admins and device owners should have the ability to instantly unlink the client device from the respective user account or initiate date wipe to erase all the saved files in the event of loss or theft to ensure data security and prevent unauthorized access to data.

#5 Active Directory Integration

In the majority of medium and large businesses, user information will be stored securely in the Active Directory server so integrating your existing AD with the file sharing service adds to the interoperability and security benefits. It also helps you to accelerate user adoption by quickly authenticating and authorizing the users.

#6 Role-Based Access Controls

In an hierarchical workspace, you will need to manage user permissions by assigning the right access controls (read/write/delete) based on the user privileges while collaborating within the organization, departments or teams to ensure data security and also to streamline your business workforce.

#7 Compliance and Regulations

Last but the least, you need to check whether the file sharing service meets the required security compliance and privacy regulations. Some of the mandate compliance includes HIPAA, SAS 70, ISO 27001, PCI DSS and other certificates specific to your region and industry.

What’s important to you when looking for a file sharing service? Share your opinion by leaving a comment.

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By Sajesh Krishnadas, Product Management & Marketing at Vembu Technologies. Vembu File Sharing is a simple, secure and powerful file sharing and collaboration solution designed for businesses with simple and easy-to-use interface for users and the right level of control, visibility and security for the IT.

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