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Meet The SyncBlaze Team: The Build Generator

“The second blog post from ‘Meet the SyncBlaze Team’ series is out here and its time to introduce one other member from our team who drills down deep to learn new things and the one who generates the final builds during any release.” – The SyncBlaze Team

Hi, my name is Gokulnath and I am a part of the Vembu SyncBlaze development team. I like to play and explore with the latest trends in technology, gain insights and use them as a developer. I am quite thrilled and happy to write my first blog.

Gone are the days of sending documents through emails, fax and other means for reviews and reports, which is now replaced by File Sharing & Collaboration – “A one stop solution”. Instant access, flexibility to work anywhere & anytime and integrated knowledge sharing makes it essential to promote teamwork and build a collaborative workspace. SyncBlaze collaboration feature enables multiple team members to work on a shared online workspace, enabling them to leave comments and automatically reconciles content if changes are made. Collaboration being the most useful feature, needs to be backed by security with the ability to assign specific access permissions to users.

Earlier the users were able to assign various permissions such as ‘View only’, ‘View & Sync’ and ‘View, Sync & Delete’, but with the latest release update of version 1.9.5 we have added an additional level of permission called ‘Co-Owner’.

Co-Owner becomes another Owner of a folder who can collaborate with other users and also can modify and assign permission levels to them (except Owner).This acts as a just in time solution for a scenario where an Owner looks out for a substitute to take care of the current project in their absence due to emergency situations or due to project conflicts which requires their presence and immediate attention.  Ownership permission cannot be handed over to a normal user, instead that user should not only have more permission than a normal user but should also step into the shoes of an Owner. To manage this real time situation, we decided to come up with the additional permission level of ‘Co-Owner’

Learn more about our latest version 1.9.5 and drop your comments below.

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