Amazing Rant on the Future by ex Apple UI designer

In our last post on “Why cloud the future of Dropbox and Evernote?”, our simple message was to  dump on certain media bombast projecting the future as a mere extension of current trends. We chose to share a video on Microsoft Vision 2019 that impressed in “Minority Report” style as an evolutionary leap into the future, good enough to shame the extrapolating bots.

Alas, things have prompted a relook on our choice since then. Not the message but just the particular example.

We happened to stumble upon an absolutely BRILLIANT, enlightening curve ball of a post by an ex-Apple UI wiz Bret Victor. He too complained about trend extrapolation and then caricatured Microsoft Vision 2019 as an increment of the status quo! Talk about being on the same page and still reading different tea leaves.

But once we finished reading his compelling article, the volte-face ensued. You can check out this groovy post by clicking on his image link below.


As always, Remember Nothing ! Zukmo Everything !


By Sai V. Nagarajan, VP at Vembu Technologies, who is responsible for product management of the file sharing and collaboration solution, SyncBlaze.

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